Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ripping my DVDs

I am sitting here this evening, watching Midsummer Murders, Tweeting, playing solitaire and ripping some more of my DVD collection.
After using DVDDecrypter and DIVX Encoder for ages I finally came across another product for converting my DVDs, I now use Aimersoft DVD Ripper. It is a great tool, easy to set up and even an idiot like me can use it.
It is really easy to set up, just load up the application, pop the DVD in the drive, load it into the app and highlight the track you want to rip. You can then choose from a multitude of formats to rip to (I always used to rip two versions, one for my Blackberry and one for my Multimedia Player) now I only rip 'full fat' as I tend to use my Archos on the go and space is not an issue.  Once you have chosen the format, you can clip the track to reduce the file size a bit more, I always clip the credits at the end.
So for a layout of less than £30 this little tool is perfect, plus the upgrades (they are always adding more device formats to rip to) are free.
Aimersoft also seem to be a pretty clued up company, I always forget my licence key and regularly re-build my laptop, it is really easy to recover the key from their site.
No more running up and down stairs, looking through DVDs for something to watch, my DVDs are slowly being ripped onto my media player next to the TV - the DVDs then get hived off into the loft.