Tuesday, August 16, 2011

EverNote v OneNote

At the moment, within my organisation, the EverNote application is blocked for users, and the reason that I can see why it is blocked is because it is seen as 'Personal Network Storage', which could be seen as a security threat to our business, yet Microsoft OneNote is not blocked and does a similar function.

I say OneNote does a similar function because to all intents and purposes it does organise notes, clip web pages etc. but what it fails to do, is be totally device independant, i.e. it doesn't work on the Blackberry devices, OneNote is also lacking in functionality compared to EverNote.

EverNote integrates with more Apps, Browsers etc. than OneNote, there are more developers out there working with EverNote, there is more EverNote funtionality. I do not want to plagerise other people's Blogs, so I will just point you to The iPad Fan Blog which gives a good idea of what partners are working with EverNote and how versaile Evernote can be.

You can also check out EverNote.com (that is if your organisation doesn't block it).

In my opinion EverNote compares to OneNote in the same way that iPod compares to Zune - Microsoft just doesn't make the grade...

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