Sunday, September 23, 2012

IOS6 - iTunes U

So what did I find in the IOS6 update from Apple, well SIRI appeared on the iPad, but after a brief exploratory encounter, we decided to agree to differ, it would not understand me and I was exasperated by it.

One App I did find, that was new to IOS 6 was the iTunes U, having a 'delve' into this revealed a wealth of information, it seems to be a training centre for all kinds of things, brought into one, easy to use, bookcase.

There are hundreds of courses to choose from, from applied mathematics (not for me) to zoology (also not for me).

A quick browse through and I have already subscribed to a course in Management and another in DNA, pretty random you may think, but I manage a team and am always open to new ideas, plus I work for a bio medical company, and we have many 'boffins' who I have no clue what they are on about.

The courses comprise of videos, podcasts and written notes, so they seem relatively easy to digest and everything is, as I say, in one place.

Go on, give it a try, I challenge you to learn something...


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