Thursday, December 27, 2012

Belkin WeMo

Well for Christmas I received a Belkin WeMo Switch from Santa and I can say it was a great present for a gadget guy like me...

Within minutes of ripping the paper off, it, I had it plugged into the wall and configured on my iPAD - of course I had the Christmas Tree lights plugged into it, so was happily switching them on and off from my tablet.

I then tried it via the 3G instead of the house WiFi and it failed, I could not see the device...
A quick troll through the support pages in the internet, and I power cycled the WeMo (turned it off and on again - typical IT resolution) and low and behold it was seen on the iPAD via the 3G - superb!

From your phone/tablet, you can program the switch to turn on/off at times during the day and if you have a
WeMo Motion, you can set the switch to turn on/off when it detects that someone is in the room.

Belkin have also teamed up with so that you can get the switch to operate via triggers from time of day, the weather, SMS messages and e-mails, the possibilities are amazing (i.e. you can set the WeMo to turn on, via, when the sun sets).  I have set my iPAD up, using the Find My Friends app, to send an e-mail to turn on the WeMo when I get near my house, so that a light is already on when I walk in - I have seen another 'recipe' on the site where someone is controlling their Christmas tree lights using the WeMo, and has set them to flash when they are tagged in a photo on Facebook...

I will definitely be buying some more of these devices plus the WeMo Motion to automate more things in my house and garage...

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  1. Very cool! I am definitely going to be wanting some of these!