Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jawbone Icon and Jambox on my PC

OK so I have been using my Jawbone Icon with my Avaya One-X Communicator for about a month now, and I am really loving it.  Gone are the Plantronics CS60 headset, the USB cable for it and the charging cable, that is another two wires removed from the desk.
The Icon is so small, it sits nicely on the edge of the keyboard, I still need a charging cable, but as it charges from a micro USB, I use the same cable to charge my Blackberry - cool.

So my next thought was 'how will the Jawbone Jambox fare with the One-X Communicator and Office Communicator on my Windows 7 laptop?'.
I decided to order one in for a test, if it was going to be rubbish I was sure I could find a good home for it.

Well on Thursday the package arrived, literally next day delivery, the packaging was so well designed I didn't really want to open it, but eventually I carefully peeled back the sticky back plastic and took out the Jambox.
This is really well designed and built, rubber top and bottom gives it a grippy feel with a mesh wrapped around the middle for a stylish look, it feels solid and looks minimalist - perfect.

I plugged it into the micro USB cable connected to my laptop, leaving it switched off, to charge, this was going to take about 2.5 hours so I went for a bacon sarnie and a coffee.
The first thing I did once the unit was charged was update it to the latest firmware via the MyTalk Jawbone Portal - the first attempt just hung at 1% but after unplugging and refreshing the portal, it saw the Jambox and took about 3 minutes to update - whilst I was on the portal I also renamed the Jambox.  Next I tried to pair the Jambox with my laptops Bluetooth, this was surprisingly easy, it immediately saw it as another headset and it also saw it as a Jawbone headset - I was a little worried about this, but it has proved to be perfect, here's why...

Now when I am using the Icon with the One-X Communicator, as soon as I turn the Icon off, the Communicator complains that it can't see the headset anymore, when I turn on the Jambox and it pairs, Communicator now sees the headset again - it doesn't realise it is a different device!  This means that when I want to make a conference call from my meeting table, I just turn the Icon off, turn the Jambox on and make the call - seamless.

Another set of cables and a Star Phone have now been removed from my meeting table. Next came pairing it to the iPad and Blackberry, both went very easily and even as I type now, Lynne is listening to Radio1 on the Jambox in the kitchen, via BBC iPlayer on the iPad.

I will need to run with it a while longer just to give it a stress test, plus see how far the Jambox can work away from the laptop, but the future is promising...

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