Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video Conferencing - getting the right ambience

The powers that be have just enabled MS Office Communicator for Video Conferencing at our site, which means that anyone with a webcam can join in Video Conferences from their laptops in their office, this is of course, great news, it means less travelling, less cost and better communications.

Having a Video Conference from my office did get me thinking though, now that I have participated in a few 'VCs', some of the offices are, well a bit crabby, there are papers everywhere, old computers dotted about the place etc. so I have decided to improved the quality of how people see me when on a VC.

The 1st job was to find an appropriate photo on ebay, I picked up a large beach poster for £6.  The poster is stuck behind my desk on the wall.

Getting the poster in the right place was a tad tricky, it needed two people, then I had to play around with the zoom function on the web cam, but eventually I managed to get the kind of result I wanted.
Now all I have to do is improve the ugly mug in the picture, and I will have the desired effect I was after - perhaps a George Clooney look would be better...

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