Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What do you have on your Blackberry?

OK, I thought I would put a little post about the Apps I have on my Blackberry, a couple of updates this morning made me think I could share this with people...

Blackberry Messenger - never used it, although I do know that quite a few of the girls in the office love it.
Blackberry Podcasts - Opened it once, but could not find anything of interest, so not have looked at it again.
British Airways - I love this App when I am flying BA - a really useful App, just wish EasyJet would follow suit.
CacheSense - this is a great App for Geocaching, you can read my Blog on Geocaching, it gives you all the necessary information.
DropBox - another well used App, storage of your data in 'the cloud', you can read by blog on this too.
Evernote - this is my scrap book or books, holding information on things like my favorite recipes, wines I have found, travel documents etc. - all those things that you need to remember or might need to hand at sometime.

Facebook - if you into social networking, Facebook is a big part of the cake, although in my eyes it seems to be dwindling, I still visit occasionally.
Fancy Smiley - not used that often, but good for putting some interesting smileys into e-mails and postings.
Memory Booster Pro - a lot of hype for this App, but I am not that convinced that it has made that much of an improvement to my Torch.
Photo Translator - I tried this App after seeing the translator app for the iPhone - this does the job but... it takes absolutely ages to work, even on WiFi.
Screen Grabber - downloaded this App, just to do this blog - it does what it says on the tin - perfect.
Tumblr - I love this tool, it creates my picture blog, I need to play with this some more!

Twitter - this must be my most used App - how could I live my life without the odd Tweet every now and then - and believe me, some of my Tweets are odd!

Why not let us know what your favorite App for the Blackberry is.

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