Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bluetooth is coming

Not big news to most people but I am very excited about the news that Bluetooth will be enabled on our laptops in the next build of our Windows7.

Up till now, Bluetooth has always been a big security no no in our business, and any Bluetooth devices are automatically disabled by Group Policy, but I have been informed that the next release of the W7 build will enable Bluetooth.

So why the excitement?  Well, I am hoping it means I can connect various devices to my laptop, including:

  • My Jawbone headset, I love my Jawbone, it is the best hands free headset I have ever owned (I will have to do a report about it one day), I can then use it with my Avaya softphone, it will be a lot nicer to use than the Plantronics CS60 I use at the moment.
  • A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, I am hoping that these will have more range than the existing wireless devices we use today - it might even reach my meeting table, enabling me to turn my monitor round and have a real presentation area for my meeting.  I have already ordered an Apple keyboard and mouse, in the anticipation that I can use them with my PC, the iPAD and my Blackberry.
  • Connecting my Blackberry to my laptop and transfer photos, videos etc.
We shall have to wait and see if the new functionality meets up with my high expectations - the expected delivery date of the new release is the end of July.  Fingers crossed.

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